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November 21, 2006 @ 11:31:24 am
can anybody help me with admin course? every time i try to concentrate my mind goes blanc! i done som of th questions but now finding it very hard to concentrate! iv got no notes btw! lol!

unit 110
1. What are your local duties for health and safety in the workplace as per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974? Are to work safely and follow health and safety procedures, rules and regulations.

2. What are the work place policies, which cover your job role?

Whilst at JHP, it is vital that every candidate gain experience of a working environment, this includes adhering to Rules & Structures.

3. What hazard may exist in your workplace?

Hazards which may exist in the workplace is fire-risk as there could be the possibility of the computers overheating or the fuse in the plug also the risk of being tripped up by the cable and wires which are laying about the workplace.

4. What health and safety risk are in your work place and what precautions must you take? : Become risk aware.
Gain an understanding of the importance of health and safety.
Understand how hazards are identified, how risks are assessed and how these
are controlled.
Develop a set of safe behaviours with transferable skills they can use throughout their working life.

5. Why is it important to remain alert to hazards in the workplace?


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