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On March 20, 2008 skullzr4loverz

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edinburgh, United Kingdom
Joined: Dec 2007

My Stats
Age: 30
Gender: F
Location: edinburgh
United Kingdom
Posts: 207
PLS: ? 55.97
Joined:: Dec 27, 2007
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About Me
im 17 from edinburger. gots a 15 yr old bf from dunfermline i love him hes my smooshy bear lol.
im pagan and an anarchist and i dont care wot anyone thinks about that.
im bi-sexual. love it or hate it i love women - with petit bodies and small breasts lol.
im generous , kind , helpful and a shoulder to cry on but ive got one nasty temper im stubborn and im really paranoid and i trust noone. my friends are my closest enemies.

Who I Want To Meet
meh . . . emo's punks , goths , metal heads , skaters , surfers , neds , chavs anyone who will show me respect i spose and as long as theyre not biatchy if you know what i mean. you think your nice . . . mail me

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My Journal
New posts im finaly thinkin bowt doin summit
New posts 6 months woot woot!!!!!!!!!!
New posts ok uh oh not good
New posts my plans for this year
New posts dam my boyfriend


My Interests (9)
i play guitar (5), classic horror movies like freddy or jason or mike myers and all the original vampire and zombie mov, i love action and sci-fi and comedy and romance i guess im jus pretty eclectic. my fave director/pro, i love adrenaline, oh im a singer songwriter, i dance really well, im a model, i paint,
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