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"it's better to be hated for who you are than be loved for who you're not"
On March 18, 2008 skitzo_tha_juggalo

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Dark Carnival, Indiana
Joined: Jun 2007

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Age: 29
Gender: M
Location: Dark Carnival
United States
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About Me
i am a juggalo for life and represent the hatchet proudly. i swing my hatchet for all to see and if you dont like it look the other way. i have a girlfriend of 2 years on July 14. she means the world and more to me and nobody will come in the way of me and her. i love her more than anything. i play bass guitar and listen to a lot of rock music such as Atreyu, Crossfade, Blink 182, Seether, Slipknot, and much more. want to know more just ask

Who I Want To Meet
the entire juggalo family, kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, eddie van halen, a martian, sean william scott, and a few others.

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My Interests (6)
my girlfriend (15), and much more. (4), hacky sack (2), playing my bass (2), psychopathic records and music as a whole, hanging out with my good friend mary jane,
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