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On July 14, 2013 sketchlord123

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, Indiana
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TFS Journal
~The Wasp Battle~
August 05, 2012 @ 06:06:28 am
As I posted, I was in stress due to my phobia of wasps/hornets/bees coming in-tact. There was a wasp on the wall of the living room. I was mighty scared, but then I thought about the TFS Crew

So, as I did, I posted on here what was going on, and stressfully messaged DiscordTiger. Maximillion replied with "Trap it with a container, or smash it with a shoe". Well, I did the container part. As I charged and covered it with a container, it eerily buzzed around the container. As I held it down for a while, the wasp started to slow down, and then it fell to the ground of the container. I took the container, and started to dump it in the trash when -- -buzz- it was playing dead!

So, I quickly freaked out, and grabbed it with the container and threw it in the trash. Along with that, I through empty soda bottles on top of the mess. I waited a minute. There was no buzz.

Sketch came out victorious!!

[I have a 'slight' phobia of that stuff ]

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