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On January 23, 2009 sidus

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UNTITLED!, United Kingdom
Joined: Jan 2006

My Stats
Age: 32
Gender: F
Location: UNTITLED!
North West
United Kingdom
Posts: 9827
PLS: ? 48
Joined:: Jan 18, 2006
Reputation: 113


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About Me
Well. Ahem, my name's Sid. Well, not really, but that's what everyone calls me
That's all you need to know really
Also, Laura is amazing and wonderful as she sorted my profile for me.
And because I know she'll get jealous, so is Cakey

Who I Want To Meet
people....maybe afew aliens too because i rekon that would be rather hilarious

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My Journal
New posts Why the hell...
New posts damn this sling
New posts passed at 3,driving alone at 6!
New posts Wheeeeee
New posts I'm gunna


My Interests (8)
music (3954), dancing (752), friends (555), picnics (6), laughin a lot, ooo and the park :), bbqs,
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