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"Winter is the broken season just as chaos is the broken reality."
On September 23, 2008 shardsofwinter

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Lost in the gray, Colorado
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Public entry Back
August 01, 2007 @ 01:35:12 am
So uh... I know I've been gone for a long time, but I'm back now, hopefully for good. I don't know if any of my old friends remember me or if anyone does, for that matter, but... I'M BACK!
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Public entry One Year!!
March 17, 2006 @ 06:30:08 am
I didn't get on yesterday, but as of yesterday I've been on The Forum Site a whole year! Isn't that awesome? ANd don't bug me about the points, lol, some people get 10,000 points in under a month and I'm just not that skilled!

One year baby
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Public entry Topic? I'm not that creative!
February 24, 2006 @ 11:07:09 pm
My poor instrument got damaged today. Some bastard knocked it over and snapped the chin rest clean in half! I love my viola, I hate that kid.

Hey guess what? Another pointless entry! Oh and I get to take two science classes next year: AP Chemistry and Physics! I love science, and I shall take over the world with my supreme knowledge of it.

So hey, my trip to SAN DIEGO is in less than ONE MONTH! Score, baby!
Current Music: Sing the Sorrow - A.F.I.
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Public entry Boredom Sinks In
January 30, 2006 @ 02:56:55 am
Man is it boring where I am. Nothing is going on. No one is online (MSN or AIM) and TFS just seems so slow. I could get off my a** and do something...but that would require me to actually get off my a** and do something. I'm too lazy to make it not boring. That and it's 8:00 and I can't go anywhere. I do realize that this entry is completly pointless, but whatever.

Hi. I'm gonna go now. Other 'people' need to use the computer. So bye.

Oh I might be back later.
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Public entry Night all!
December 22, 2005 @ 08:29:52 am
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Public entry I've been begged!
December 21, 2005 @ 09:18:31 pm

Current Music: Absolution - Muse
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