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"Winter is the broken season just as chaos is the broken reality."
On September 23, 2008 shardsofwinter

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Lost in the gray, Colorado
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Age: 32
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United States
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About Me
So, it's been a really long time since I've been here, and all of my old friends are probably gone, but... Hi! I'm friendly most of the time, I like talking serious (I think that it's sexy), but I also like being funny and such. I think that profile information is just stupid and that the only real way to get to know someone is to talk to them. So... Talk to me.

Who I Want To Meet
I want to meet people that I don't know. People who have more than nothing to say.

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music (3954), video games (490), politics (324), history (178), philosophy (146), science (108), literature (99), mythology (41), fantasy (41), space (19), chemistry (17), biology (16), conspiracy theories (8), instruments (6), controversy (2), ancient mysteries (2), human mind, mass disappearances,
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