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"You can't see me, I'm lurking"
On October 08, 2013 sarahf

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ottawa, Canada
Joined: Aug 2005

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Age: 31
Gender: F
Location: ottawa
Posts: 3336
PLS: ? 40.13
Joined:: Aug 16, 2005
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About Me
You all love me

UPDATE October 2013: Have you ever come back home and found that all your friends are dead and that you may have been an idiot as a 13 year old? Whats left below is some of the lesser cringe worthy things I had posted which I would rather not lose.

PROUD: TFS junkie since July 2005.


(ann, Nah, HA, la, nop,tastic)

if a moose has something ( like grass)
its the moose's grass..
mooses lmao

I have a thing with quotes i think the up faster than i can put em ' down here are a few i have collected.... some are conversations and song clippings lol

one of the BEST comments i got
from bravo_zulu

You know how on Halloween you get a lot of "fun sized" candy bars? Well, Sarah is like some gigantic candy bar that small towns make so they can get in the Guinness book of world records and drum up tourism. Proportionally more fun if you follow.

Sarah-eat your cookies old man! They're laced with arsenic...
Doug-then at his funeral I shall say WHERE IS MY TOY TRUCK YOU COMMI BASTARD! then light his coffin on fire and be like MERRY CHRISTMAS MOTHER f***ER!

pennies form heaven are soon followed by tax collector form hell

Oh the things i could do with a spike strip and a bottle of ipecac

Its not how he says it, its how much ice cream he feeds you before he asks

don?|t look at me in that tone of voice!

life is NOT like a box of chocolate. STOP saying that!. Chocolate is GOOD! All the time, every time. You can avoid the ones you don?t like and choose the ones you do . You can SPIT THEM OUT! And normally there is a little picture of them with a description of what they are.
- me

in order to control the population, companies should take the warning labels off their products and let nature take its course

the chances of every thing in life is 1 in 2.. either it will happen.. or it wont

Victor : your kinky
Me: what?.. oh my name
Victor: yeah
Me: its a song
Victor : yeah a song SUUUURE
Me: it IS!
Victor : ok but its a kinky one
Me: ok fine its kinky.. but what are you going to do about it
Victor: whos that guy?
Me: your changing the subject
Victor: i know.. thats what i'm doing about it
is anyone f***in reading this any more/.?.. didnt thnk so....

only those who do not believe fully in what they are doing feel the need to justify themselves

today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday - loto super 7 commercial

quirky things about.. you guessed it.. ME!

1. I drag my left foot
2. 1 slur my speech.. but I think it?|s a Canadian accenty thing
3. I cried when blink 182 broke up
4. I can do 50 sit ups in a min and then be sore for the next 3 days
5. I like tea, I drink it every day.. enough said
6. I cant function without 5 teaspoons of sugar a day
7. I can?|t eat pure cane sugar
8. I have 3 naps a day.. bus to school, French class, bus home
9. No one can describe me.. I?|m .. uh.. you know.. Sarah!
10. My new favorite band is Nirvana.. and for some reason I like the Beatles
11. I am addicted to froot loops
12. I have 2 showers a day
13. I think British and Aussie accents are SEXY!
14. I never had a room painted any other color other than white
15. I love socks but hate wearing them
16. GAIN!
17. My favorite word is b****es.. b****ES
18. I am now a big sister, forgotten middle child and family anomaly

Things I must do before I die
( in no particular order)

1) Eat a whole can of whipped cream ( done)
2) Get a cast ( thank you Robert)
3) learn to twirl things
4) learn to surf
5) learn to skatebored
6) Meet kik
7) Meet random hero ( better be bloody soon!)
8) Get married ( got that coverd a few times over)
9) *edited for content * ( done .. hehe uh.. yeah*
10) drive any where on a whim to see some one
11) send fan mail to Joaquin Phoenix
12)*edited for content *
13) be in a car crash
14) *edited for content *
15) Mosh
16) get a tattoo
17) *edited for content *
18) get into an underground club
19) Be in love
20) go to a concert
21) *edited for content *
22) Sing in public
23) Go to a party I?|m not invited to and/ or crash it
24) Drive all my drunk friends home sober
25) Throw a huge party for my little sister
26) spoil sister beyond reason
27) Dye my hair black and pink
28) Streak my hair with white
29) Where a mini skirt ( check muahahaha)
30) Eat lunch in every time zone
31) Be in or produce a music video
32) Say ?? officer, arrest those people?̈ and it happen
33) Fly in a big tin box ( air plane )
34) actually trust some one *edited for content*
35) do some thing so stupid it shocks me ( yeah.. WTF was I thinking? )
36) slap Bush
37) cross the street witha crossing gaurd ( sept 12th 2006)

( donnie darco + scrips)
( hero Vid)
( within temptation)
(sublime lyrics *daterape* )
( directors cut of JTHM)
( hilarious sailor moon and JTHM bashing type thing)
( text break up)
(Emo kid song * hehe sorry its FUNNY, geez grow a sense of humour)
( explain thy self )
( Sock fringe Emo vid)

Who I Want To Meet
kik cause he want to meet me i think thats just soo cool
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