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On July 03, 2021 rosexthorn

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Nothing lasts forever.
June 30, 2020 @ 10:38:30 pm
I was an avid Forum Site user for many years. I have been off for many years but coming back and seeing how ghostly this place has become threw me for a loop. Everyone has moved on except a few that I remember. I had great times, sad times, hard times and downright funny times here. This was my refuge away from the 'real' world in which I couldn't stand during my time here. Here, I could be anyone I wanted to be for good or for bad. I made many enemies here and hopefully a 'few' friends. Friends was not in anyway the intention I had when I first signed up but a few left me with great memories. A place of 'high drama' this surely was. In the end I find once in a while I miss the 'fun' times here. Many fanstastic people and some not too fantastic but they were who they were and that's all anyone can be. I was a mess and acted like it. Wow! What an experience. This place was fully loaded at any time I would log on. Now it seems that people left and left pretty much a ghost forum behind. My hope is that all the people I encountered here are living great and getting lots of love because my life even with all it's hardships is 'fantastic. To all who knew me and all who either hated me, tolerated me or even liked me I hope the best for all those who were here when I was a 'regular' here. Love and miss some of you people.

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New Post! July 01, 2020 @ 03:54:09 pm
We all have been professional gaslighters, each in his turn ridiculing the other so as to gain some temporary advantage. The warning against ad hominem attack is lost.

Our actions had its effect but the result was separation.

Those few users I was close to have since been banned or have left on their own.


Foolish Bombu

New Post! July 01, 2020 @ 05:58:06 pm
Well, nothing lasts forever as you say. I've tended to come and go as far as this particular forum is concerned but do notice it's decline. I think other social media has taken its toll as far as outright "discussion" forums are concerned. Most have had their heyday.

Hope the grandchildren are proving a great compensation!

All the best



New Post! July 01, 2020 @ 11:55:19 pm
I hope I never made you feel like you were my enemy.

If I ever did, please forgive me, as I was wrong to do that.

While "Nothing lasts forever" I am one of the "old" ones here... I cling to TFS as a friend...

I expect one day TFS will go away... I will be very sad that day.


New Post! July 02, 2020 @ 12:17:04 am
it will be 10 years for me with the forum. being darkman666 and twilitezone911 has been fun for me. i will miss the place, the best way of looking at that the forum. i don't actually psychical enter in it. i do feel welcome here, something, that i didn't found with other forums before i joined the forum. when i on other forums, you are lucky anybody on it, you might heard from anybody to welcome you.

the best way to said about the forum, and welcome you. on the forum, everyone knows your name.

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