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On July 08, 2010 richreality

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turning fifty
November 20, 2008 @ 02:42:57 am
cant be happening but here it comes. in youth, i thought the year 2000 was sooooo very far away and wondered would i still be alive then. so whats the big 5-0 supposed to really mean? i definitely travel the twists and turns but not the hills, so does that mean i am still climbing, or does that mean i am more apt to choose spontaneous paths ? maybe climbing is too much of a strain or maybe its just another year. what the H is the milestone stuff about? maybe this is the only contemplation i do? maybe.

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New Post! November 20, 2008 @ 04:47:20 am
It just means you need more Oil of Olay, Lady Clairol and Ben gay.
It's only devastating when you get your AARP card and some snotty kid asks you if you want the senior discount. No big deal, I'm enjoying life more than ever. Just don't have a midlife crisis and do something stupid. Then it's miserable. You can travel without children again. 8)

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