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On July 08, 2010 richreality

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, Pennsylvania
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The earth laughs in flowers.

I am a huge advocate of humor. Keeps my sanity in tact. I am very curious and love to think a bit outside the box. Not crazy about tiptoeing around feelings or issues but I would never intentionally be hurtful. Life is all about finding the humor in myself especially!

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone who loves life and can easily laugh at themself as well. I would really love to meet Johnny Depp. Best character actor I know ~ makes me laugh and cry. People I don't wish to linger with are naysayers. Sorry, but I just don't have the time or mentality. Life is way to short!

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music (3954), writing (985), travel (361), family (288), people (116), shoes (42), networking (28), humor (20), gagdets,
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