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"Wont you please drink the poison?"
On January 07, 2007 randomhero

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Im lost please take me home wi
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thoughts of a mad man
the endless search
May 15, 2006 @ 02:58:52 am
so far this year i have been trying to find myself i know it is something we all do espically in are younger years but for me it is something so much more...i have become a ghost image of a hollow shell my soul is at a stale-mate war agaisnt its self and it leaves me detached from the world around me my world is a blur of images that have no meaning nothing matters when i am like this but there is window short glimpses of pure emotion be they happy or sad or anything between they are intense and overwhelming and for that moment i more connected to that person or thing than anything in the world. It has become the same for my thoughts my mind is blank until those moments to where i am connected with something and then everything makes sense. As of right now i feel nothing and i am thinking nothing my thoughts are presnted to me by the mind that resides within me and i type them out for those to read. The ghost the shawdow the vessel the things i have found myself to be but know that there is a ture self underneath these mirages of what are shown. lost in this battle my soul is fighting. For awhile i thought i found myself but relized it is not me just a diffrent version what could be. The darkness that lies before me in not from sorrow but from uncertanty. i do not know what or who i am or what or who i could or might become i wander now lost within myself an endless search for the answer to the stranger in the mirror my hollow twin in the silvery reflextion shows what i am yet i do not see it so close i am to myslef yet i have become unatable because of this battle my soul wages against its self and here i am the person some of you know but yet i am not i am the vail to my true self. And so i continue to search for who i am and hope to one day to find the answer for this life of hollow detachment is not for me.

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New Post! May 15, 2006 @ 04:35:23 am
I feel like that sometimes, it's hard to figure out who you really are inside. People spend their whole lives trying to find themselves and end up with nothing. The best thing you can do is live every day to the best of your ability, and try not to analize things that arent there.


New Post! March 30, 2007 @ 04:07:42 am
At times it is hard to remember, but mostly, harder to forget... Things can be amazing and inspiring... insightful, yet sometimes can be a tad disappointing... Help can come from anywhere... whether from another country or from another time or planet... It can sometimes even be from someone who is close to you... simple but deep I write this to you... I don't care if this duzn't ryhme... But heck! I'll just give you my lucky chime...
I don't even care if you don't send me back a reply...
Just make sure you stay true to yourslef and to who you really are...
Then, that's when you really know who your true friends will be...

Friends will never leave you.
Friends will always care.
Friends are always there
for you and your dreams to share...

I'm just trying to be insightful.
Even I'm just trying to bear,
With feelings I have Never shared.

No one can be in too deep.
But if you or whoever is that deep...
just try to remember
You have friends, So, I'll see if I can be there this December...

You can trust me
to keep your secrets
and places where you want to be,
So, keep those sad thoughts and trinkets
in a box where all of it cannot be stolen or lost...

Stay yourself,
Stay true,
Never lie,
Never Cheat
and Never Steal
A moment of time from the people who ain't that real...
So take a seat
and sing and/or Dance to the beat...
Never Shy
Away from people who you really want to meet...

Stay away from drunks,
Stay away from the druged...

Or you'll end up like them...
Hope to see you soon!!! 8)

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