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"Wont you please drink the poison?"
On January 07, 2007 randomhero

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Im lost please take me home wi
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thoughts of a mad man
May 14, 2006 @ 05:10:30 pm
OMG! it was f***ing amazing i was on stage like 10 times and i ran and jumped off my friends back i got socked in the lip i was the last one standing in a mosh pit i did a stage i got a hug from the lead singer of Aiden because i lost another shoe lol i went crowd sufring like the entire time oooo and i got hit in the head with a bottle one of the guys from Alexisonfire it was a crazy good time i help launch people into the crowd alot too this one really small girl she had to way like 100 pounds me and my friend picked her up and tossed her like 6 feet into the air lol i still have that buzz you get from a good show and for injuries i got a messed up elbow from being launched into the mosh pit and hiting someones spine my head hurts cause when i ran up my friends back and dove into the crowd i headbutted someone sqaure int the face and some like 250 pound guy landed on my ribs in a mosh pit so that hurts and i got a wicked cut on my other arm i dont know where i came from lol and of course my lip that has a pretty b****in blood blister lol...and thats not even all of what happend just what i can remember lol

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New Post! May 14, 2006 @ 05:12:51 pm
it sounds like you had an awesome time


New Post! May 14, 2006 @ 06:37:39 pm
wowza dude!
sounds frikin amazin!
i luv that feeling of bein at a show!
crowd surfings awesome!

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