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"Wont you please drink the poison?"
On January 07, 2007 randomhero

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Im lost please take me home wi
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Age: 33
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United States
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I tried to make a new pro but it just wasnt the same and i relized that one can not run from memories that is why they are memories and they must face them head on. so in other words i am back everyone ^,^

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yahoo @yahoo. com">underdark1089 @yahoo. com

msn @hotmail. com">driftamungthesands @hotmail. com

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music (3954), reading (2098), poetry (270), fire (168), bass (50), flying (21), monkeys (11), explosions (4), carrots (2), ice cream cake, and lots more that im to lazy to type, life some of the time, kite, lights, pointing out the obvious, oh and fire, random objects,
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