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On December 05, 2007 rainbow

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Age: 33
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United States
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I am very argumentative. I love to write poetry and music. I am not that good at music but I try. But any who, I am a very bossy person. I am out here to just allow my point to get across. I love listening to music. I like rap, hip hop, jazz, pop, country, rock, alternitive, and everything else. I am a person that is friendly unless you say the wrong thing. Most of my friends look at me and say that I am the mean one but I am not I am actually very nice once you get to know me. You can reach me at @yahoo. com.">Young_gul08 @yahoo. com.

Who I Want To Meet
I want to meet George Bush, and Mariah Carey. Mariah is my role model, and Bush I just wanna say somethings to him.

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dancing (751), talking (148), working (41), writting (17), typing (9), riddding horses, and being the center of attention.,
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