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On September 12, 2010 purple_and_gold

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Sydney, Australia
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Age: 28
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New South Wales
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About Me
My name is Christine.

I love literature. I love reading it; writing it. I love to immerse myself in a good book and drown myself in words. I love the spiritual, the sensual.

I love many different forms of music. I love the music made by the raging of the sea, the silent sonata sung by the moon on such lonely nights, the vast choirs never heard by the self absorbed inhabants of this ever changing world.

Essentially metal is my favourite type of music (Mainly Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash Metal) But there are vast periods of time where I do not listen to metal at all, then rediscover my love for it.
People who dismiss metal as mindless, unintelligible music are ignorant. There is more intellect, passion and meaning in metal than its given credit for.

I also like Blues, Jazz, Old school rock (and pop) and classical. Beethovens 'Quasi una fantasia' is one of my favourite songs.

I play guitar. I aspire to be great one day.

I love to draw. The best experiences are had when your fingers are smothered in blackened charcoal.

I am a genuine person. I know who I am, What I believe in and why I believe in the things that I do.

I believe that the soul is Infinite; Indestructable; impenitrable. There is no beginning and no end. Just as we shed old clothes for new ones, so does the soul progress. We are always given a second chance.

I hate boundaries. I like to be free and fluid in ALL aspects of my life.

Message me: @hotmail. com">icelapras @hotmail. com - I love to have a good conversation.

Who I Want To Meet
Passionate people

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music (3954), drawing (481), guitar (283), painting (183), philosophy (146), mythology (41), spirituality (38), macabre,
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