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"I Dreamed You Were Gone.. Shame Your Still Here."
On February 12, 2007 princess_harry_unique

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cumbria, United Kingdom
Joined: Oct 2005

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Age: 30
Gender: F
Location: cumbria
North West
United Kingdom
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PLS: ? 47.5
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About Me
i have deep brown hair blue eyes with green in the middleim a rebel child and slighty emo with a slightly wild side i love me hunniz and i think my guys are great um if ya wanna get to know ma add me as a mate and we'll get a-chatting oh! and keep smiling that my philosophy!
Add My MSNS:

@hotmail. com">Kisses_mean_nothing @hotmail. com


@hotmail.">titchielass @hotmail.

Yeh!! SO Come Chat Biatcha!!

Who I Want To Meet
Erm Someone Who Wont Feel They Are Taking Me For Granted Might Help!!
oh! And Harry Judd Of Course!

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New posts Been A Bit Stupid Methinks!!


My Interests (4)
being with my friends (4), catching up on gossip (2), having a lorra lorra fun!,
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