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"nick the greek"
On January 29, 2012 posthardcore_rocker_101

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inside the internet!!!, United
Joined: Sep 2005

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Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: inside the internet!!!
North West
United Kingdom
Posts: 571
PLS: ? 50.5
Joined:: Sep 29, 2005
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About Me
Hey up chicken!! *waves*

I'm nick.

Nick The Greek to you.

B!tcHNn!cK to her.

[Complete F*&%ing t***] to marc

lets keep things simple.

BMX <333 bit of a lifestyle babes

Friends <333 (marc, kathryn, bambii, xoe, tom, kayt if she wants, sharnie, vicky, beki, scott and all the others)

My Band <3




I'd put Taz at the top because she's the number one, but i dont want a lecture off you, so yeah. Taz. <33333333333333

BMX!! <33

want to talk? message me.

i've got msn.

I've got bebo.



I'm a reet big chav. tbh..

though you wouldnt think at first look.. but i speak and dress like one.. well.. whilst wearing bmx and skate clothing :S ?? confused? me too..

musically.. hip hop/ rap >>
Drum&Bass >>
pop punk >>
post hardcore >>
emo (i guess) >>
metal >>
punk >>
rocky s***e >>
pop. (yeah, i secretly love sugarbabes/ girls aloud etc)>>

so yeah.. hit me up.

traaa duck.


Who I Want To Meet
a few people.

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New posts lifeeeeeee
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My Interests (27)
music (3955), sex (556), bullet for my valentine (114), metal (102), punk (77), hanging out (70), my chemical romance (70), the used (37), fall out boy (35), bmx (34), bass guitar (26), simple plan (25), mates (17), silverstein (7), alexisonfire (6), 50 cent (5), pendulum (5), all-american rejects (3), kayte!!, rock and all that stuff, post hardcore, my baby, my bike, underoath!!!!, fondu,
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