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"The Only Thing A Girl Should Chase Is Her Vodka <3"
On October 08, 2015 pinksparklystars

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Austin, Texas
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Age: 36
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United States
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What's up, my name is Brandie, I graduated college at UTPB (which is in the middle of nowhere Texas) I majored in communication and minored in management. I am hoping to open a record store at some point in my life. I have already started a blog for my store here: Damn The Man Records Anyways, I am going on my 7th year here on TFS. I this place even though i don't really post anymore because of how busy I am with work and all. But I am a constant lurker lol But anyways... I am very opinionated, i getting my way, but i am still able to consider others feelings along the way. I am very creative, and i am a major pack rat My favorite sport is football and my teams are the Longhorns for college level and the Saints or the Steelers for pro. i also like soccer but i don't watch it enough to have a team. I cars, and i know a ton about them thanks to my ex. My dream car is a 1969 Camaro Music is my passion though, i don't think that i could live without it. I am not just saying that because it's the cool thing to do though. Music has gotten me through hard times, and it has understood me when no one else knew how i felt. When i was alone and depressed it is what kept me hanging on. I can kind of play the keyboard, if i had more room i would practice more but ya I am very spontaneous, not just the normal oh lets go dye our hair some crazy color, like the hey I'm sick of this job, i need a change so quit the job and move across the state kinda spontaneous. If that even made any sense lol Anyways.. I think that is about all i have so if you want to know anything else just ask

Who I Want To Meet
Cinderella cause she's the pimp s***, no celebrities cause they are over-rated

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music (3954), concerts (81), cupcakes (4),
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