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On March 27, 2011 not_fond_of_fondu

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Shiny, Indiana
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Age: 35
Gender: NA
Location: Shiny
United States
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About Me
I'm Jackie, a 22 year old college student. You know, that whole shebang. I'm bored and wanted to find a multi-faceted forum of fantastic distraction. Maybe I found the place. Maybe not.

Hell, I'll probably end up pouting at horrid spelling and grammatical errors and leave but who cares in the long run? NOT I! :D

And yes, fondue is totally spelled wrong in my username. Whoops?~

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone that's pretty dandy, and even those that aren't.

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New posts Forever.
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My Interests (9)
art (620), travel (367), road trips (24), journalism (21), therapy (2), office supplies, anime (yep-i like them crazy haired freaks), listening to whatever music my friends give me,
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On November 30, 2009 TheForumSite

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