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"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."
On January 23, 2010 nikalaos

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Passion and Future Lessons
September 02, 2007 @ 02:41:03 pm
It's been a while since I'm expressed my thoughts on anything but paper. But with this
one, I felt it might be nice to share.

I'm a guy of many passions. I have so many hobbies, that I sometimes find it hard to have
free time, because I don't know which one to endulge in.

I can't say photography is my greatest passion, because I really don't believe I have one. I
think it was the one that just fit. You know, I look at images, and they bring thoughts and
feelings. Emotions that stir like a storm on the sea. Free, open, and without resistence.
Just there to blow, rain and thunder to their hearts content. That's the way my heart is with
photography. There's a certain soul to photography, in it's life, it's grown, evolved and
been redesigned. But a photographer can still look at it's earlier years and appreciate it
with a certain personal pride. For this same reason, is brought an example of why I love
black & white photography so much. It takes away the distracting colours to let you're eyes
search for meaning. It leaves the photo naked and exposed (if you would excuse the
obvious pun), open for opinion, judgement and/or admiration. Leaving the viewer with a
silent connection.

This leaves me with thoughts of what I may be able to do in the future to pass on what
photography has taught me. If not to others, then maybe to my children (if I ever have
some). I think I'm going to give them a compass. It shall be a symbol of something very
important. Every person has that time in their life, however long, of a need to discover
themselves. I think I'll teach them that for me, a compass symbolizes that in ones life, they
can be found. They will lose themselves a some point in their life, but it will symbolize a
certain type of hope. That even when one is lost, they can be found again, with some
effort. That may relay to them a personal understanding of drive, and how important it is.
A wisdom that no one can get anything done, fixed or resolved, without first trying with all
they have to do something about it. As my favorite band, Incubus, says in their song

"When I drive myself, my light is found"

I think that's a good lesson... Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts, especially if you've
read to this point. Let me know yours.


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New Post! September 02, 2007 @ 03:57:46 pm
Photography is a great expressive art to be explored with around the world with a

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