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"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."
On January 23, 2010 nikalaos

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Quispamsis, Canada
Joined: Feb 2006

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Age: 36
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New Brunswick
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About Me
Well, what can I say about myself. I'm a person of MANY interests, which sometimes if my downfall because I never have enough time to do everything or learn everything I want to. I'm a graduate from Photography and Digital Imaging at Holland College.

I'm quite the goofy guy, and a little bit of a flirt. But I truly believe that learning is a HUGE part of enjoying life, which is one reason my main interests is martials arts. I believe they add discipline and focus to a time in our history that lacks it. I'm currently studying in Aikido. I'm big into nature (camping, hiking, biking, etc), because I believe that sometimes fresh air, clean water and some good exercise is exactly what I need to clean my senses.

Another interest of mine is studying spirituality, religions, and history. I'm constantly aspiring to know all I can, because I never want to be the person laying on a couch watching TV wondering why my brain is mush, and while my gut grows to the point of obscuring my view.

Also, I LOVE movies!!! My favourite genre would have to be horror. I've been into horror anything since I was able to read (thanks Nana).

Theres actually a lot more to me, but if I say everything, what well anyone ever have to learn about me.

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone who sends a message my way.

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