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On November 19, 2019 mrmexico25

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New Post! I really don't get it...
April 08, 2010 @ 11:24:03 pm
Seriously I do not understand this.

My mate has been receiving threats that someone is going to kill his dog today at 12pm. He rang the police, but they said they can't/won't do anything until something actually happens.

They have a time, an address, and a threat. What's to stop them sending someone out to just check out the situation?? So instead, we have to sit and wait there just in case, and I bet any money, if something happens WE will get in trouble. What do these useless pricks expect us to do when they won't do a gosh darn thing to ensure safety??

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New Post! Hi
March 19, 2010 @ 04:36:30 am
Just sayin G'day. It's been a while. Been busy with school. But it's going great guns!

Uh yeah, that's about it.

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New Post! Random thought for the moment...
March 01, 2010 @ 12:49:13 pm

There have been many arguments along the lines of Evolution V. Religion. And yeah probably been done in a thread before. But this isn't a thread, it's just something that came to me earlier, so if you want to read it do so. If not, leave now.

EVERYTHING humans do with pretty much everything is to make something easier for us. Evolving a product. From the first telephone, and first cameras, written letters and so on and so forth, have now all evolved into ONE device, the 'mobile phones' we have of today. From early film to the LED Tv's and Blue Ray players. From the abacus to super computers, hell, from the quill to the ball point pen even...these are products that have evolved by the hand of man. And merely just an example.

Now is this to say that evolving things, or evolution is part of our nature? Why is that so? Is it because ourselves are constantly evolving? With the way we see the potential in things, the way we want things to be? Our technological advancements that cause things to evolve. Do we want them to evolve AROUND us, or as a being, are we causing them to evolve WITH us?

On the same hand, even religion has evolved over the years. From Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hindu, to things such as Scientology, and even Jedi is now legally classed as a religion....but that's another thread all together

The only things that do NOT seem to evolve, are religions themselves....To an extent. But they are still based on the same principles from thousands of years back. For example, the bible, apparently it's the same as it always was, and people with argue that it in fact has NOT been lost in translation, and therefore has not evolved. And for example, the basic principles of the quill and inkwell HAVE evolved, from being something you need to dip into an ink well to be able to write with to an item that is readily available to write with no matter where you are. Sure you still need to have ink IN the pen. But if you didn't you would've thrown it out by then and bought a new one...well I would've anyway.

A better example is the first computers. Technically the first computers were the abacus'. Purely used for the tracking of numbers. Yet now, computers can be used to do pretty much anything.

There may be an argument for evolution, as generation by generation, people keep getting taller, and generally living longer...this could be put down to either evolution, or the foods we are eating. Using such things as growth hormones in chickens as an example. But if this is the case, and WE are causing ourselves to grow taller, and live longer, surely that's self inflicted evolution....which to me seems like a natural process of evolution.

All this being said, and with the documentation of animals (human AND non human) evolving, and the fact that religion itself has evolved and grown. How can religions still stand by the statement that god created us? Christianity for example. God created us in HIS image...Are we not evolving? Are we not causing things around us TO evolve? If this is the case, are we all evolving from Adam and Eve? Or were Adam and Eve the first to creatures to evolve into human form?

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that, religion, (which has evolved itself) discredits Darwin's theory of evolution, is also the one thing that also states that it has NOT evolved over time??

If we witness something happening around us on a daily basis, and in a group of 10 people only 1 says it's not happening....who is right in this instance? I know what I'm more than likely going to lean towards.

You might say I'm just following the group....well if I'm following the group, it's only because I have seen what they have seen with my OWN eyes.

What do YOUR eyes see?


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New Post! Nothing is ever good enough apparantly.
February 18, 2010 @ 03:45:09 am
I've kinda been seein this girl for oh a few weeks...Really startin to give me the s***s too. I do absolutely everything to go out of my way to make time for her, but she just wants more.

But the thing is she expects me to go to her place all the time. And only ONCE has she made her way to mine. I even went to hers after the final ACDC concert. And after a big weekend, a pinched nerve in my back on saturday, all day walking saturday and sunday in the sun. First day of school on monday, ACDC monday night. I was absolutely wrecked. I said I MIGHT go and see her after the show, but my train was late and I wasn't going to get there till around 1:45am.

So I thought, bugger it, I can be home and in bed by 1, that's what I need. So I called her after the show, explained my situation, and said I was just going to go home and get some well deserved rest. This was received with a typical sooky la la tone, that she's emotionally upset because of work and wanted some company. But my physical exhaustion and soreness, and the fact I could hardly move, shouldn't stop me from making the 45 minute drive to go see her.

So I ended up going to see her, and pretty much fell asleep straight away. Waking up in the morning, to her being in a mood because I fell asleep straight away!!

Now on my ONE day off of the week, I decided to have a few drinks, so I can't drive, AGAIN, she wants me to go and see her late at night. I said that's actually not possible now though.

Is it too much to ask that I don't HAVE to make all the effort? It's ok for her, she gets up at 8 in the morning, I get up at 6. She works 5 days a week, I have ONE day off. She's on a full time wage, and I'm getting casual cash, and student benefits. Yet I have been making all the effort. And when I genuinely go out of my way to see her, she still finds something to b**** about it!!

Is this s*** normal, and I'm not ready for a relationship, or is she asking too much?

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New Post! AC/DC
February 16, 2010 @ 12:47:10 pm
3 times in 5 days. Nuff said.

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New Post! Bye everyone
February 09, 2010 @ 12:43:39 am
Going phone shopping.

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New Post! Sunburn
January 17, 2010 @ 12:54:15 am
Doesn't really bother me that much, but what I REALLY f***ing hate about it, everyone coming up to you saying s*** like "get a bit of sun mate?" Nah d***head, I'm just SO excited to see you I'm blushing all over.....

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New Post! Finally!!!
January 14, 2010 @ 03:23:50 am
Had a couple of lyrics stuck in my head for like two days....wasn't sure if it was the beatles or wings.....FINALLY figured it out!!!

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