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"24 hour monkey magic"
On July 08, 2022 monkey

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Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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Age: 35
Gender: M
Location: Bedfordshire
South East
United Kingdom
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About Me

I suffer from disorders and syndromes (all mental & disability mixed).
I like sniffing my armpits.
I like looking at photographs of skin diseases, dead bodies, zombies, vampire sex, pylons, skulls of all different creatures and lots of other messed up junk.
I never sleep, if I do it's only for four hours and I usually have scary dreams that freak me out which I end up laughing at later on.
I don't find the 70's horror movie "The Chainsaw Massacre" scary at all,
I laughed at it all the way through.
I am amazed whenever I set fire to tissues or paper.
I like listening to white noise.
I like watching testcards on TV.
I record my farts on my phone then later play them so I can listen to how they sound.
I find things funny that other people think are weird.
I like shaving my body, it's such a relief afterwards.
Same applies to clearing out my ears.
I enjoy having belching/farting competitions.
I play video games, text my friends and surf the net while taking a crap.
I masturbate a lot (even in forbidden public places whilst no-one's around).
I pick my nose.
I scratch my anus.

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone cool.

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sex (556), video games (490), food (357), anime (356), animals (345), nature (179), manga (148), women (137), asia (5),
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