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On August 04, 2010 missclairerose

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, United Kingdom
Joined: Oct 2007

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Age: 45
Gender: F
South East
United Kingdom
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My name is Claire and I live in Cambridgeshire.

I'm a mum to twin boys who drive me mental but I love them especially when they're asleep.

Im here to make friends, i'm not into pervy old f***ers who want to swap numbers, cams and email details unless, of course, you're really sexy and enjoy and a talented lady :D

Who I Want To Meet
I'd like to meet Jonathan Ross, kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Fox, and Angelina Jolie cos she's sexy for a birdy

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New posts I am poooping myself.
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reading (2096), i\'m a qualified holistic therapist and am currently studying beauty therapy. i love movies, and watching people make complete tits of themselves haha!, dawn aka hallucinogenic_lipstick,
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