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On February 01, 2009 metalheaddrummer

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Glasgow, United Kingdom
Joined: Jul 2006

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Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: Glasgow
United Kingdom
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PLS: ? 52.5
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About Me
Hey, I'm phil, I'm a drummer from Glasgow. I'm always listnin to music, if im not, im dead or sumthin. I can't go a day without listnin to music.

Been playin drums for about four years now...started it as a laugh then took it seriously after two years. I play Keyboard/Piano, been playin that for about 3 years, and guitar n bass for 2 years and I write songs as a hobby and to pass time.

I love skateboardin and skatin, although no-one skates anymore, basketball, and i love cars.

I love the sound of drums, and strings, and most other instruments.

I hate drinkin, smokin, drugs, sittin n doin f*** all.

If i like a band, il say, cos i really couldnt give a s*** who thinks my music taste is "PaYoOhR GaY MaHn"

Drumming, Skating, Exercising, Basketball, Tennis and go carting give me adrenaline rushes... and I love it.

Most Metal
Most Punk
Loadsa other stuff as well.
Children of Bodom,
Foo Fighters,
Blink 182,
Arch Enemy,
Linkin Park,
Machine Head,
Iron Maiden,
Good Charlotte,
Mad Capsule Markets.
Nearly anythin.

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone....As long as they're not cocky n up their own arses...............

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I have no life

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music (3955), sports. (6),
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