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On October 12, 2010 magus

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Anchorage, Alaska
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TFS Journal
back the blonde (final chapter)
July 20, 2010 @ 05:51:40 am
well i am platinum blonde, and i'm back! tommorow, i get to leave this damn home?! i had a hellish day, which involved this inbred monkey, that a relative calls, a daughter! b**** had the nerve, to try and break into the bathroom, when i was using it?!

i love my hair. truth is, those losers, at byu-hawaii tried to expell me from school, because i'm gay and white. they were so livid with envy, that they told me that, i was of satan, for dying my hair blonde?!

you all have no idea, what i had to endure at that college?!

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