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On October 12, 2010 magus

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Anchorage, Alaska
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Public entry OMG, what happened rupaul's website..?
August 14, 2010 @ 11:17:15 pm
is rupaul okay? her whole store is demolished?! check it out:

all her cd's are gone, as well as her dvds?!
rupaul store

not to mention, champion is not for sale -via cd- on amazon!
rupaul champion
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Public entry Summer is over in my town...
August 10, 2010 @ 04:28:44 am
i nearly died of the flu last night?! i hope to by some good pills this saturday? only a matter of time, before i buy some sweatshirts!

i recently did a new vlog, and my new youtube channel. the vlog was named, Winter is now approaching !

this can be found at the following link:

Winter is now approaching

this video discusses my upcoming real vampire vlog, as well as an important inquiry about my sexuality?

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Public entry False People (The Vlog)
July 25, 2010 @ 07:25:20 am
Everybody is a star
Everyone is special in their own way
So you set your goals high and go far
Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today

well people my vlog it done with?! it was planned as a 30 minute video? but it's only 5 1/2 minutes. i made it kind and prim. enjoy it, i made it for exciting people like you:

False People



a poster told me, that she cannot hear the sound well? if you are having this problem, then please watch it on my channel at this link:
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Public entry fake people
July 22, 2010 @ 01:52:00 am
i will make a new vlog this week? it will be called false people. i had a very bad encounter with a relative, where she -in a quiet tone- told me to keep silent, about the evil, which occurs in my house. it's all about hating beautiful males, and forcing people to join the mormon church. god is pure love, and what religion has that?! i am not going to cuss, but i am going to warn this person to leave me alone permeantly or else?! i won't give names, but this person has been stalking my page?

enclosed is this song?!

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Public entry back the blonde (final chapter)
July 20, 2010 @ 05:51:40 am
well i am platinum blonde, and i'm back! tommorow, i get to leave this damn home?! i had a hellish day, which involved this inbred monkey, that a relative calls, a daughter! b**** had the nerve, to try and break into the bathroom, when i was using it?!

i love my hair. truth is, those losers, at byu-hawaii tried to expell me from school, because i'm gay and white. they were so livid with envy, that they told me that, i was of satan, for dying my hair blonde?!

you all have no idea, what i had to endure at that college?!
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Public entry back to blonde (part 2)
July 13, 2010 @ 05:08:48 am
well i removed my red hair color, by using the following:

L'Oreal Colorist Secrets Artificial Haircolor Remover

i did an okay job on my hair. well for drugstore stuff.

i know that it's sticky topic, but i posted a great vlog, about stem cell research. instead of badmouthing the theory, i decided to look at both sides? it is my current vlog, which can be found here:

thank you, and my blonde hair will come this weekend?!
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Public entry speak the truth, when you have to!
July 08, 2010 @ 12:54:58 am
well i am feeling okay for now. i had a painful afternoon. but i am feeling better now. my mom was being very unkind to my father, and her words got to me? she is a sociopath, and i will be glad, when she dies by natural causes.

she is a detriment, and who has attempted to drag me back into her church. god is pure love, so why would i care for religion? i found it odd, when terri -her daughter in law- invited me to dinner? we had an odd conversation, and i realized -during- that she was set up by my mother, to kept my trap shut, about what goes on in this house?

i feel deeply sorry for both of them. but i feel better now. i have to learn not to take life so seriously??? what happened today in my home, wasn't pretty. however it told me one thought: i have moved on past evil and turned to love and freedom.
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Public entry to be a blonde
July 04, 2010 @ 06:44:13 am
i had a good ice cream fitt today. i went to fred meyer and enjoyed some good high suger stuff. i pride myself in escaping that college, and i am reaping the benefits of leaving...

my home is glassed, and many strange people try to keep my mouth shut. i recently had lunch with an in-law, and she tried to tell me that my family is normal. really? there is so many secrets and backstabbings, that it's sickening. i can't even sleep some days?! keep in mind, that i coexist with demons. only three angels, exist in my home. i am one of them?

i am going to be blonde soon? it takes a lot of work, but i am done with being red. i never realized that men are objectified in society. for this, i am glad that i left that colllege. they taught me that, knowledge is the key to success. well for a male, it's their appearance... so i have to lose lot's more weight and be a blonde from now on..?

i love life though.
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Public entry red menace
June 15, 2010 @ 05:57:00 am
britney's fuse special was boring. all they did was show the same lame videos! i wanted to watch, me against the music? no concert footage period!

i love her perfume, believe. i wear it daily! my hair is red for the last time! dyed it yesterday. tomorrow, i am going to the beauty supply to get another bowl, brush, bottle as well as a funnel! laytah!
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Public entry trans-actions
May 24, 2010 @ 06:27:27 am
i sadly got into an online battle with a transgendered man. it happened at the lil'kim zone. this place is cool, but this man -who i call san- hated gays. he bullied my friends, even though they tried to ignore her?

during last summer, she came after me. this is the thing, which we didn't know? san was offered to be a moderator on the board? but she had to prove, that she coudl handle it? so, she decided to clear the board of gays, to show her obedience. well she came after the most expressive member- moi?!

i battled her for a good month, and then she crossed the line. that's when i stepped out, wearing my armor with sword in hand! i slammed him, and after 8 weeks, i had him publically exposed -in every inch of the message board- as a transexual male. no one knew that he was as transexual male demon..? but my friends and i knew!

i was banned from the board. i am jon99. my normal persona is adair.i don't care if i was banned in september of last year. what i did was right, and adair's legace goes on... i have nothing against alternative lifestyles.
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