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On October 07, 2017 lyconium

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Public entry Thoughts on reading the 36 questions to men
January 11, 2017 @ 06:01:44 am
Sometimes I think that people focus on the parts where men and women are not equal and dwell there making a mess of it. Working in EMS I have found there are blatant differences between us. Men are treated as less trustworthy at times due to the fact that they are perceived as sex fiends. All it takes is a false allegation and an entire career can be (and often is) destroyed. Some women have issues with the physical aspects of the job. The sheer force required to move an average person is ridiculous. Now think of the obesity crisis we have, it gets plain out dangerous.

Then there are the parts that are universal. I've seen both weep when a child can't be saved. Both have become angry over the blatant neglect and mistreatment of people from all walks of life. All suffer from the fatigue and stress of running call after call. From running into the unknown over and over again. Both, women and men, take their own lives when they can't deal with the toll the job has exacted on their lives. This job can destroy anyone, regardless of gender or pay.

I've seen women and men who have no business doing what I do, and I have come across others that I enjoy learning from and working side by side with. My most celebrated teacher was a female medic who helped me grasp the basics of my job and develop a strong foundation to build my knowledge on.

I honestly believe that we are equal where it counts and unequal in the aspects where the genders have evolved to excel at. Its not something we dwell on or attack each other over. As long as my partner does their job to the best of their abilities, and does whats right and safe for patient and crew, who cares if you're XX or XY.
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