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On June 12, 2007 lovebyelise

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Troy, Alabama
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Public entry I got married today!
May 03, 2007 @ 05:13:44 am
Jonathan and I got married today. It's not what we want to count as our official ceremony, just our legal one. It felt very intimate, especially for a court house wedding. We had to get married so that he could join the air force. At first, his recruiter told us NOT to get married until after he got back from tech school, but then Jonathan told him that he had an illegitimate child and the recruiter said we had to get married or else he would not be able to join. He couldn't so because if the child's mother died or lost custody of him while Jonathan was deployed the child would have no where to go (because in our state custody goes to the father first and then if he doesn't want or can't financially take care of the child it goes to the next 'bidder'). It's complex, but that's why we got married early.

It's weird having my name changed. I was partial to my old maiden name. :P Me having a maiden name... so weird! Makes me feel old! If you're asking why I'm not celebrating my wedding night or on honey moon it's because this wasn't our special official ceremony. Plus Jonathan has to go to bed at 7pm because he has to be up early for work. And... we celebrated enough earlier.

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Public entry I might become an Air Force Wife.
April 25, 2007 @ 05:10:07 am
I'm extremely terrified. I don't know what to do or what to think. My world is about to be flipped upside down. Anybody have a beau in the military?
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Public entry Returning to MSN messenger
April 12, 2007 @ 05:56:06 am
Since everybody on here says they're using MSN these days and my AIM/Yahoo aren't fun anymore, I figured I'd give MSN another try.

@msn. com">mdanielsnichols @msn. com

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Public entry Sig design
April 11, 2007 @ 03:51:51 am
Every day I get closer and closer to my 2000 points! I'm so excited about it and I've been trying to think of things to put in my signature. I came across some stuff that got my gears turning and this is what I've come up with so far. One I don't know if it would be allowed as "appropriate" so I will only be giving the link to it, if that's okay. If it's not I'd hope a mod would let me know and I'll take it down. There isn't any nudity in it since I edited it out, but still I don't want to offend anyone. The first one is finished and isn't offensive. Here it is:

I don't know though, I may have to redo it because it turned out really grainy. I knew I should have saved it as a .PNG! Blah.

And the other one... (which I haven't finished editing yet) This is just the link to it because I don't know if it's okay to photo it here. This just goes to my photobucket, not another website or anything.

It's a little grainy, too, but not as bad. It'll probably just say Lo or Lovebyelise or something like that next to it. I haven't planned it out. I just really liked the art work. But if it wouldn't be appropriate let me know!

Tell me what you guys think, please!

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Public entry Things I noticed today.
April 10, 2007 @ 04:51:35 am
This post will be in list form:

-My inner spark needs to be reignited.
-13 year olds are so touchy...
-I miss Jensen Ackles.
-I need to learn to deal with my own emotional issues instead of relying on someone else to fufill the duty.
-I write better when I write letters to myself.
-I really miss working in a pizza place.
-I need to stop being afraid of everything and step outside the box.
-My daddy's baked beans are freakin' awesome
-I am way more awesome than I give myself credit for.
-I need to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.
-Jonathan looks even more handsome when he has bed head.
-Things aren't as bad as I always make them out to be.
-I miss Tuscaloosa so much, I was always happy there.

That's a lot of stuff, but it's been an eventful day, I guess.


p.s. I uploaded some pics. Some are random, some are of me. Enjoy.

On the picture of me, comments are disabled in case a troller comes by. I really don't need anybody coming by and telling me that I'm fat. I have a mirror for that.
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Public entry Much needed sleep...
April 09, 2007 @ 06:57:02 am
So I have been on TFS for almost 24 hours. I am overly addicted. I need some sleep. I must bid thee all farewell until tomorrow!!

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Public entry I can't wait until...
April 09, 2007 @ 12:56:40 am
I get my 2000 points because I want a picture in my signature! I'm so excited about it, I've been planning it out and everything. I've been trying to invite people but no one is as nerdy about foruming as me.

P.s. I edited my journal and profile layout, what do you think?

Oh, and I don't know if I'm allowed to post this link (hopefully, I am) but I've also changed around my Myspace.
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Public entry Happy Zombie Jesus Day.
April 08, 2007 @ 07:26:04 pm
Jonathan and I aren't religious so we celebrated Zombie Jesus day. Zombies are much more fun to think about than supercilious Christian holidays. No offense. I believe, I just don't worship/celebrate/support.

Anyway, it was good and we had delicious steak. And we coloured easter eggs with dye and crayons. It was awesome. I made a zombie jesus one and a little scene where a bunny and a baby chick were playing around a tree. Too cute. And I made an anniversary egg for Jonathan and me. Our one year is coming up next week. Woo hoo!

So far, it's been a good day despite that I'm running on 3 hours of sleep.
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