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On June 19, 2008 littleozzybloke

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Sunshine coast, Australia
Joined: Sep 2006

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Age: 73
Gender: M
Location: Sunshine coast
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About Me
Thats me...and
An Aussie Discussion/Support Forum...
thats mine too...a place where one can speak out and have their say on issues..It is called 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH'

I think the net is pretty neat, I know a lot about it, I teach/supply/repair pc's..
I make/design/setup the right price people can afford..

I speak my piece and say what i feel, It is my right to do views..are mine alone...If you don't like what i say...tuff titties..I believe in freedom of speech.

My kids tell me i'm a pretty cool 'ole man'...depends how one thinks i spose..

Been there done that and been back a couple times to do it again...

you need to remember one thing...the older you get..the more memories you have to look back on...
We only go around the one time....So..make the most of it...
Don't mess up!
Lifes not too bad...

Who I Want To Meet

think about it....

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