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"How do you hide when the person you're running from is inside?"
On April 09, 2007 lilmisslostcause

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Biteme, USA,
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Public entry Nonsense that you'd get bored if you read
January 10, 2007 @ 03:44:57 pm

Now, anyone who's still reading can listen/read about my boring life in smalltown USA. Highschool: Part Two: Final Exams:
Need i say more?
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Public entry Acceptance
December 27, 2006 @ 05:06:03 am
ok, I've officially accepted it. ^_^ I'm over my own personal Hell, and.... *deep breath*... I'm okay with that. 8)
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Public entry I Hate ME, I Hate Life, I just f***ing Hate Right Now
December 14, 2006 @ 10:24:20 pm
I don't regret letting him in, I regret letting him go. I regret that I let him say "lets be friends, it's better" without fighting for him. Asking him to stay, to try and fix the problems. I still f***ing love him, and I can't let go. I should've tried harder too hold on.
He f***ing said he still loves me, ok?! But he didn't mean it, he didn't f***ing mean it. He said we'd still be friends, that we'd talk more, hang out more. We haven't. He barely stops to say hi in the mornings and hug me. I miss him. I miss being able to lean into him. Being able to turn around and kiss his cheek or w/e whenever I felt the urge. To hold his hand just cause, or I needed comfort. I f***ING HATE IT,OK?! IT'S NOT WORTH BEING WITHOUT!!
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