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On January 12, 2022 lilkatangel

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A fresh start
Phone Call From an ex
August 04, 2012 @ 08:24:05 pm

Ex, You called me a few nights ago saying that you wanted me to know you're alive. You said you hated yourself for calling, that you knew it wouldn't make anything better. Well if you knew it wouldn't help why do it? Truth is, you're a selfish person, you always have been. You were expecting me to ask you to come back, to tell you that you that we could fix it. Instead I'm stronger than I was in the past. You pushed me away and now I'm done. You and I are my past. We were in love. We were best friends. All in the past and I'm not looking back. You'll see no tears this time as I move on without you. You made this mess, once you clean up your act you'll find your place in this world. I wish you luck, but won't along for the rid.

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New Post! August 04, 2012 @ 08:30:33 pm
Looking back through my very small list of girlfriends there is only one whom I'd like to ever make contact with again because she was very clever for her age.

But maybe, perhaps, so clever that her interest in me was probably not sincerely romantic but rather insincerely experimental.

Everything that is not still with me today I'm very glad to leave forgotten in the past along with all those things that I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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