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On December 12, 2006 likchi

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i dont wanna tell u, United Ki
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hi, i'm fourteen, a boy, iv'e got blonde hair. i live in london and i'm on the computer far to much. its basicly all i do in my free time.i generelly read in bed for about 3 hours a night, but only because my parents would hear the sound of my computer if i did that. i'm middle class, white(not being racist)and so basicly im a bit cqlisheyed(i know, its not how you spell it.) i'm dispraxic and dislexic i go to boat club four days a week one day being special needs.

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iv'e always wanted to meet a complete look-a-like of mine. or even a whole gang of them. you could do bad things and nobody could tell you off because they might be persecuting the wrong person.

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and my skill are to high its just boring. does anybody know why my apostraphries have a forward s, well rs used to be my main interest but i\'m getting bored. it\'s hard to believe but now i\'m makin,
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