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On August 31, 2010 lethaldose77

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Natchitoches, Louisiana
Joined: Aug 2005

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Age: 44
Gender: M
Location: Natchitoches
United States
Posts: 375
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About Me
I am a free thinker. I think to many people are closed minded and not willing to look at things logically. I don't like organized religion or anything else that forces people to fit into a mold or to conform. I love to read and to write. I mostly write short stories but I am at work on a novel now. I like books and movies of all types, except probably romance. I am a little pickier about my music, I don't like rap, country, death metal, and most pop. I like most other music. And most importantly just because something is popular doesn't make it good, and just because the majority thinks something doesn't make it true. Remember once, Michael Bolton was the most popular musician in the world and once most people thought the world was flat.

Who I Want To Meet
Interesting and open-minded people.

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I have no life

My Interests (18)
music (3954), movies (1103), sex (556), video games (490), books (372), politics (324), religion (130), television (56), korn (28), heavy metal (24), disturbed (19), the white stripes (13), atheism (11), playstation (4), deftones (4), pornography (3), the dark tower,
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