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"that in the moment part . . . that means right now!"
On July 17, 2009 lesfox719

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Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Age: 37
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Location: Bowling Green
United States
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I am a married working mother of one. I have resolved to make all the necessary sacrifices to stay home with my children. To hell with a career or a job, we'll manage somehow. But each moment could slip away, and what would be left? A degree? A title? No, I will have my life. There is nothing I love better than my son and my husband. We are expecting our second child in November. Yay. I love life; can you tell?

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Who I Want To Meet
Anyone with an open mind. Truly open.

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New posts Seems like she always wins . . .
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music (3954), dancing (751), cooking (544), fishing (366), animals (345), family (288), life (105), outdoors (75),
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