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On January 31, 2005 leisaiman

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Mere Quote Of The Day (QOTD)
January 25, 2005 @ 11:34:53 am
everyday 10 quotes will be posted on from all kinds of conversations, forums, tv shows etc... today's the first ten:

David Letterman: your boxers are on the outside

Mr. Bean: Sorry, I forgot your gender

Lorane: Why are you not thinking?

Boon: How would you know that I'm naked?

Dr. Fok: Where's your heart?

The beggar down the street: I have 10 million bucks in my pocket right now, and if you don't give me all your money I'll hire a hitman to kill you!!

The little kid: ewww, mom just hugged dad!

Teacher: you're such a moron that whoever taught you must be a sob

Someone who I played war3 with: if you send your orcs to far off, they might get lost

Johnny: Start making stuff right now

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