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On February 29, 2012 lastminute

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Racine, Wisconsin
Joined: Dec 2005

My Stats
Age: 33
Gender: F
Location: Racine
United States
Posts: 433
PLS: ? 48.5
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My Pics

About Me
There's not much to say....I procrasinate hence the screen name. That is all I can think of for now.

I'm NOT a morning person @ all.

& I never get enough sleep.

I DONT smoke & I never will

although I do have terrible eating habits.

If you tell the truth [even if it hurts me]..

I'll respect you soo much more.

I'm crazy, goofy & random..

&& i wouldnt be me any other way.

I love to get dressed up

even if I have no-one to impress.

Theres nothing better than when someone smells good

it's a deffinate turn-on.

I dont use the "PMS" excuse when im mean to someone..

thats not the excuse... im just a b****.

..only if you're mean first.


ive been lied to, cheated on and hurt before for almost 2 years.....
so what makes me think you wont do the same?

... well prove it.

One day i'll forget every f***ing breath we took together.
-to my ex-

my mess of insecurities:

♥if you lose my trust then you'll never get it back.

you ask why its so hard for me to trust people?...

&& i ask why its so hard for people to keep a promise.

♥ im too emotional.

♥ i tend to hold grudges.

♥ i'll trust you till you prove otherwise.

♥ unfortunately im gullible and easily fooled.

♥ im easily impressed but hardly satisfied.

♥ i'll plain out tell you like it is.

Oh.. one last thing... if u don't like me, you probably don't know me so DON'T judge me. K, thanks.

Who I Want To Meet
Another coffee lover because lonely coffee breaks are starting to get old.
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I have no life

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music (3953), photography (489), and many more....,
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