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Sleep Apnea!
August 06, 2007 @ 01:50:33 pm
I have recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea.

What this means is, i have pauses in breathing while i am sleeping at night. They occur repeatedly through the night, and so my sleep is severely disrupted. The outcome of this is i am often tired, and still very sleepy during the day.

Not Long ago i had a Sleep Study, i had to sleep overnight at a hospital and they did a polysomnogram on me. This was not something i would want to often, being as i had all these wires on me and it was not very comfortable etc

Now i have to go back and learn to use a C-Pap machine. Which will help stop the pauses etc.
I just hate feeling so tired all the time and my sleep being disrupted causes this. Makes me feel like crap and ruins the day for me....

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New Post! August 06, 2007 @ 01:53:52 pm
Humm..wonder if that's my problem..
I'm often tired alot..and did wake up at different times throughout my life gasping for breath..???


New Post! August 06, 2007 @ 02:01:21 pm
All you can do is get it checked out!

I wake up, but it is not a conscious wake up, in other words, i dont realise that i am awake, and fall asleep almost immediately afterwards...

I just hope this damn machine helps..I havent used it yet, but it sounds quite awkward and i wonder if i can get used to it..


New Post! August 06, 2007 @ 02:09:55 pm
Good for You, glad you got the study done. I have the same problem, was having 60 waking episodes an hour (severe). The Cpap machine will do wonders, once you get used to it, you will notice a Huge change in the quality of sleep. I was waking with headaches, eliminated those, too. It may be uncomfortable at first, you will have to work through it.

Best wishes...

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