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On May 12, 2012 lady_ninja33

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Age: 29
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United States
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About Me
Omg!!! Its been forever since ive been on here!! Haha well my name is mariah (spencer is my first name) sampson haha, wow, so much has changed, im not really into the whole "juggalette" thing no more, i prettymuch listen to wahtever i want to listen to because im soooooo in love with music ^_^
I like any and every type of music, i pretty much work and chill all day everyday... i really love to watch family guy, i absolutely love my family, over the years ive spent time with then and we've grown so close to one another. My favorite colors are green, blue, and pink. My favorite number is 33 ^_^ i really love cats!!!!! I want a pet piggy, i think im fat so im currently trying to lose weight its not easy wen ur a fat b**** and u love food haha... im 20 not 16, jamie madrox is still the love of my life, even tho we'll never be together ): haha which is ok... i think lol theres many more to know about me but this is just a few ^_^ so if u have a question just ask :D

Who I Want To Meet
i want to meet every one and any one, i also want to meet the tiny toon characters. I want to meet the ninja turtles, and i want to meet Jamie Madrox

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animals (345), vampires (67), emo (50), heavy metal (24), pokemon (15), ninjas (12), insane clown posse (10), werewolves (8), faries, ninja turtles, (my playlist profile - just go to that site...!, sings, skate board,
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