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On January 29, 2010 l_teddy10

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Roseburg, Oregon
Joined: Apr 2008

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Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: Roseburg
United States
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I'm Levi. I live in a fairly small town. Work for a construction company. I like the outdoors and fishing and hunting and stuff like that. This site's getting pretty boring.
And I don't like most of you. Most of you don't like me. Probably because I'm pretty conservative. Which means I don't support gay marriage, and think it's disgusting. I hunt and kill lots of animals. I think I should have the right to sleep next to a loaded gun(I sleep next to 2 ) and kill whatever unwanted person breaks into my house. I don't support this national health care bulls***, and I think Obama is a huge f*** up and you are all idiots for voting for someone just because he talks well. That's probably why you all don't like me.

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fishing (364), hunting (169), working (42), guns (27), sports(football baseball auto-racing),
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