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"The man who will magically eat your brains."
On February 19, 2014 kohhrjacker

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Kohhrgypt, New Zealand
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Age: 31
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New Zealand (general)
New Zealand
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Kohhrjackers Journal
I'm back... on window 95 computers :P
August 20, 2007 @ 02:03:21 am
By now, I should have over 10000 points. But I'm lazy.

Quick stuff;

Playing: World of Warcraft
Feeling: Prumpy
Looking: I give up.

To be frank, I'm only using Window 95 computers (OLD) for this website. After all, world of warcraft isn't on them. BUT IT TOOK ME thirty seconds to log in. No suprise really, its dial-up speed.

But more to my journal side, I feel bored, I need to play Counter-Strike. I haven't been on computer for days. Meh.


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New Post! August 20, 2007 @ 02:29:11 am
haha i have like 3 thousand. almost 4. haha.
<3juggalette i love heath

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