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"~Don't worry, about a thing, cuz everylittle thing is gonna be alright!~"
On August 09, 2012 jismo

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bismarck, North Dakota
Joined: May 2008

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Age: 30
Gender: F
Location: bismarck
North Dakota
United States
Posts: 1052
PLS: ? 58.42
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About Me
My Name is Sami, I will be running for president in the future so vote for me..I have many fanatical talents, anything you can do i can do better.I am a follower of Christ. I have matured a hell of a lot in the past few months... the strength to move on comes from god, love, and all the pain i endure i truly believe makes me a stronger person. I help others.. and i am good at it to... If you need someone to hold you and talk to you.. no strings attached... im always there...Im incredibly random, love meeting new people. I am bisexual, not because i think its fun but because i believe love comes the three sss's many sexes, sizes, and shapes. I AM A DEMOCRAT!I helped run the campaign for Obama because i think he is a hardcore visionary for our country.. I am a die hard DEMON!!! *BHS BHS BHS* May god bless everyone...If yah want to know anything about me dont be afraid to ask!

I made my TFS layout using

Who I Want To Meet
John cena, all wwe, like, hell anyone who wants to meet me
To be quite honest, my birth i could punch him in the face...

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I have no life

My Interests (27)
music (3955), writing (985), photography (491), politics (324), driving (73), horror movies (51), law (26), bass guitar (26), journalism (21), playing pool (20), guitar hero (17), randomness (15), debate (13), trivia (5), yearbook (2), pasta (2), horror novels (2), farmer\'s union, student congress, fuck the president, finding money on the street... idk i am just an interested interesting person..., government in general, sex in the city, rockband, playing music obnoxiously loud, mao,
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