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On July 23, 2021 jigsaw_monte

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the name is Andrew. call me Andy or whatever. i love how everyone's "about me" is positive stuff. dare to be different right? okay well, i'm really loud! like i have terrets or something. no joke. i have random outbursts like every five minutes. and i have to swear or i seriously freak out. so if i cuss, don't be offended. i'm random and have issues sticking with the topic. i'm very picky when it comes to relationships. firstly, i don't want a s***ty internet relationship, they just don't work for me. secondly, i have high expectations for the other person and don't know what they expect of me. thirdly, i have a tendency to accidently disobey people. lastly, a majority of the people i have ever dated hurt me terribly or i hurt them, which ends up hurting me because i hate disapointing / hurting people. it's not my thing. moving onward, i'm extrmley opinionated. this can be good or bad i guess. because well we may disagree on something and i'll tell you exactly what i think, and you might be surprised i actually said that. so don't ask for my opinion if you don't want the harsh truth. i can be judgemental and i can be like extremley nice. it depends on my mood. if i think you're ugly, i'll talk to you anyways. i trust way to easily, but if you break that trust, don't expect to fully get it back. i won't lie but unforutnatley i can be selfish. i say a lot of things the wrong way. so please don't be insulted if i accidently say something that sounds bad. it isn't my intent to lower all of my friend's self esteem. i don't have many friends, because oh let's face it. people are a*****es. i have a negative attitude towards pretty much anything and everyone. i don't have best friends because a majority of the people i have ever trusted, hurt me. i don't fall for anyone easy at all. i'm good at leading people on, so if i hurt you i'm really sorry. i prefer being single but chances are if i like you just a little i'll give you a chance to prove to me your worth my time. sluts are gross and can't fall in love, like honestly if STDs make you happy, do whatever the f*** you want. don't come running to me when your peeing blood, cause all i will say is "i told you so.” don't like constantly keep messaging me with remarks such as 'your sexy' or 'your hott' i mean i know it's a friendly gesture and all but you don't even know me... like it's cool if you're one of my friends and all, i like being complimented once or twice by the same person but seriously if the same random person constantly messaged you saying you were hott wouldn't you get annoyed? and i hate how people only talk to me because they think i'm hot... it's really annoying and i know your trying to be nice but it just makes me feel judged (in a good way) but still judged get to know the person first please (: yeah so calm down oh and you better watch your words very carefully, (unless you're my friend) b/c if you do say something that insults me just tiny bit i'll bite you over the computer. honestly i got on TFS for fun not drama. so yeah if you're here to give me s*** f*** yourself c***!

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