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On November 20, 2009 jenniepatricia

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Southampton, United Kingdom
Joined: Feb 2007

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Age: 28
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United Kingdom (general)
United Kingdom
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About Me
Jennie Field
Southampton, UK. Alex x
College doesn't work for me too well...maybe this second time around it might though.
I have no idea what I want to do later on. I guess my plan is just to keep learning until something lights up.
Could be a lot of time and a lot of money...
I have this vision of how my life would pan out, in a perfect world.
(Obviously not this world then...)
Begins : I win the Lottery / come into big money.
From there : I buy my lovely VW camper, a few boltholes around The world.
(Including my shack on a beach somewhere sunny...)
Then travel with my never-ending petrol supply (or hopefully some very much greener version that would exist in my perfect world) and do extreme activities on a day to day basis, like Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, White water rafting etc...
Sounds lovely
Eventually : I will probably age a bit. Shocking. At which point I will set up a beach front cafe near my shack
So there's that. If anyone thinks they might be able to give me that then do say, or message me telling me you're willing to donate a few million in which case I'll send my address!!!

Hi Real World.
I'm currently at South Downs College in Waterlooville, Hampshire. There, I study English Literature and Philosophy, which suits me to the ground (I also do Ancient History - at the moment - but I don't count that, 'cause I'm not doing so well...)
I do, eventually, want to/would like to go to university. Not so sure where yet, maybe The Royal Holloway of London (Where Trinity was set!) If they'll have me. Or UCL
Or, if i have that money by then, maybe somewhere in Greece or Egypt :P
I want to know everything. I know there's that horrible sort of person that thinks they reqally do know everything, but I think it really is my dream.
I would settle for knowing everything about the Ancient world, probably

At this point I realised they'll probably tell me I've used too many characters, so that'll do


Who I Want To Meet
16-20 please x

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