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On January 11, 2009 ilikeblood

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, Philippines
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Philippines (general)
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**Je t'aime avec tous que je suis ** ^-^**

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Uwaa! Hello there!!! Okay.
The names SEYEON. If you cant pronounce it, just call me Shinn.
Uhhhhm.. Im a bit clumsy.. -_- hehehe, and i really like video games!!! And im an anime addict!!! ...
I usually seem out of it, but when i snap, im seriously scary, and you wouldnt wanna mess with me.
I always speak my mind, so if you dont like me, then whatever.

I made my TFS layout using

I moved to the Philippines not so long ago.. Its a very hot country.. But i love it here.
Please add me if you have msn!

@hotmail. com">seyeon_896 @hotmail. com ^-^

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Who I Want To Meet
Anyone and everyone!!

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