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"Elmo's World And You Just Live In It"
On September 09, 2014 ike_akorn

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phoenix, Arizona
Joined: Jan 2007

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Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: phoenix
United States
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My Pics

About Me
ahhhh.i dont know you tell me.. Well nah its better if u describe me lol..But there is something about me..i always tend to want things to be funny or a joke..I hate comedy but i love to joke around...

Birthday:11-30-89 thats what it says nothing else
Birthplace:lets call it the russian world
Current Location:America
Eye Color:brown just like wet sand or clearer
Hair Color:black well if i put it in the sunlight it looks brown
Height:5'9 and growing
Right Handed or Left Handed:right handled, pewww no use for left hand
Your Heritage:ahhh is that ethic..this survey looks racial discriminating
The Shoes You Wore Today:well there black and have some white on it, probably cheese
Your Weakness:well i get easily get intimidating i get angry at almost anything discriminatory
Your Fears:heights, i did not know this until i went in a ferris wheel
Your Perfect Pizza:sausage and pepporinni oh yeah adn pineapple they good
Your Best Physical Feature:yeah i grew a 6 pack i think been trying for a year
Your Most Missed Memory:being with the person i loved and let them go
Pepsi or Coke:coke nad sometimes pepsi cola lol
MacDonalds or Burger King:Mc Donalds lol theres no mac only on a big MAC
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla it seems to taste better
Cappuccino or Coffee:cappuccino i dont like regular coffe
Do you Smoke:well no, but if i find a ciggar in the street ill smoke it, a habit
Do you Swear:lol are u kidding when is this dam survey going to end
Do you Sing:lol havent u heard me in the shower, i get applauses from my mind
Do you Shower Daily:yes, have too teacher once told me people compline about my smell lol
Have you Been in Love:yes but to know the other person loves u too then no..
Do you want to go to College:yes i wanna become a nuclear physicist and go hunt down osaba and take voer his followers
Do you want to get Married:possible yes, but a marriage never lasts that long, divorse is a speck along the road
Do you get along with your Parents:somewhatt yes, but sometimes it can get melodramatic
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes there are pretty cool only because it showers with water, otherr than that dont show up
Do you play an Instrument:no lol but if i tap my belly does that count
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:no lol. i dont drink but if im busted it is probably because someone hit me
In the past month have you Smoked:i dont think so, dam bums get to the ciggarets before me
Ever been Drunk:no lol i dont dont ever think i would, i hear things, unless it is to my advantage
Ever been called a Tease:well many times but those people where just wrong
Ever been Beaten up:actually i have never been in a real fight, that why im a good runner, i been teases though
Ever Shoplifted:lol u kidding, i cant even go to 2 walmarts lol, unless i have a mask..
How do you want to Die:i dont wanna die plz dont kill me i swer i wont shop lift anymore
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:i wanna be nuclear physicists but if that anit possible possible and astro physicists
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:doesnt really matter, unless if its red then no cause ur satan
Favourite Hair Color:doesnt matter unless it is green, who will have green hair
Short or Long Hair:preffer short cause one day u might decide to choke me with it lol
Height:atleast be 5'7 other than that were could i can see u
Weight:lol wow cant be more than 20 pounds overweight cause now we know u dont care about urself
Number of CDs I own:noe nada...unless computer disks count then mualllla alot.
Number of Piercings:i had 1 when i was in like 6 grade, but now i have none, ill probably get one in..thats private
Number of Tattoos:none, but i do want one in my right arm they look interesting
Number of things in my Past I Regret:lets say everyday i dont feel happy...


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Who I Want To Meet
well i did wanted to meet GOD but scientists are saying that there is no creator..disappointed..But no only God,
and ofcourse you! Whoever you are. You are someone right? Answer me, im confused now?

Sarah Brightman Deliver me

Night Wish Nemo

Celine Dion My Heart Will Go on

James Blunt Good Bye My Lover

Evanescence Everyone's Fool

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The killers
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i like pizza, and achovies too..not really but it was a great theme song from homer simpson...ahh i forgot to cite, i like pineapples, i did have it before but it is to much work right now i going to get sue for this. plz dont,
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