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On September 15, 2013 iamachicken

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My first nosebleed!
February 21, 2013 @ 09:22:40 am
I've taken many objects to my face throughout my life, and although they probably lowered my IQ tremendously, they NEVER gave me a nosebleed. The major ones I remember at the moment include basketballs, tetherballs, baseballs, softballs (which are NOT soft at all -_-), lamps, doors, and a rock. And not one nosebleed.

I got my first nosebleed two days ago. I had an itch so rubbed my nose from the outside and I felt something trickling down inside. What the heck! It was like menstruating from my face, and all I did was rub my nose a little. o_o

A major up-side to having that nosebleed was having the clearest sinuses ever afterwards. It makes me actually look forward to having another nosebleed.

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