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On September 15, 2013 iamachicken

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February 08, 2013 @ 03:27:46 am
I'm not sure if kids actually are getting worse each year, or if I'm just getting old, but many of my friends and I have been noticing how obnoxious so many of them are lately. This includes elementary/middle school kids as well as high school underclassmen. It really worries me...

For starters, one of my friends was walking home one day and a little elementary school kid randomly flipped him off. My friend didn't do anything, nor did he know the kid. He was just walking home. dafuq?

Also, when I was walking home from school, some little kid who looks like he could be in third grade was riding a skateboard in my direction wearing stuff people who proudly proclaim "YOLOSWAG!" would wear. When we got within a few feet of each other, he looked me in the eyes, smiled kinda creepily, and said "hey giiirl" in a really flirtatious tone while nodding his chin at me o_o Then he rode off into the distance.

WHAT IN THE HELL?! First of all, I am like more than twice your age! Secondly, you're in elementary school! You're not supposed to be hitting on girls yet!

And let me say something about the freaking middle schoolers. My friends and I went to volunteer at the middle school's orchestra concert, and our job was to babysit the sixth graders while the adults were having a meeting. They were out. of. control. They were dropping the f-bomb everywhere, screaming, arguing with us, cussing us out, climbing all over the music stands...

Also, members of the high school speech/debate team help coach the middle school speech team sometimes. The kids on their team are either really nice and hardworking or obnoxious and don't do anything. Sadly, the latter greatly outnumbers the former. The nice ones are, of course, wonderful to work with and I love them from the bottom of my heart. However, the ones that don't do anything make me want to inject myself with radioactive material and turn into the incredible hulk so I have a valid excuse to go on a rampage They either blatantly don't listen, or they pretend to listen but don't do anything they're told. The ones in scripted events don't research or write their speech, even if they're repeatedly told to, and it makes it very difficult to get anywhere. The debate kids don't work on their cases. The limited prep kids don't try at all. It makes me not want to have children of my own ><

Now for the high schoolers: The freshmen at my school are notorious for being obnoxious this year. One freshman girl was talking to my friend, and in the middle of the conversation scoffs and says, "You're so boring", then walks away. Also, one of the (few) nice freshmen girls admitted that many of the girls in her grade only talk to juniors and seniors in hopes of getting asked to prom.

Another friend of mine was in the passenger seat of a car (she's Asian - you'll get why I'm pointing this out soon) and saw a couple of high schoolers blasting music and dancing in their car. I'm not sure how to word this without it getting confusing, so here's her status about it:

Uploaded at

She's a very nice person and I hate that it happened to her. Nonetheless, I admire the mature way she handled the situation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying ALL kids are delinquents. I've met some of the sweetest, most adorable kids. It's just that there seem to be more bad children running around than the good.

It's like the younger generations are getting more and more obnoxious. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel this way considering I'm still 18. Maybe it really is that bad, or I'm just being very negative. I really hope it's the latter.

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