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"good luck with that."
On March 21, 2013 horny_lil_devil

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Wollongong, Australia
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Age: 29
Gender: F
Location: Wollongong
New South Wales
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About Me
Hey my name is Stacey, I've been a member of tfs for many years now, and loving it. I live in Wollongong which is about 2 hours south of sydney, I live with my mum, step dad, my adorably dog Molly and fur ball cat Pip. I attend Illawarra sports high school my fabourite subject is modern history. I am a brunette, blue eyes I think I am about 176cm tall, I am a proud lesbian. I have 5 piercings I want more lol, I love any form of art, I love history and I play an active part with local animal welfare groups. I love life!

if you want to know more just pm me!

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Tfs Layouts at / Eternal Hope

Who I Want To Meet
Geena Davis
Felicity Huffman
Gogh Whitlam
Vladimir Putin
Dixie Chicks

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shopping (637), art (620), basketball (366), history (178), kickboxing (15), playing the guitar (11), kneeboarding,
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